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Friday, 17 November 2017
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19 files, last one added on Dec 28, 2016



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16 files, last one added on Jan 30, 2010

MAR-SGFH Galootapalooza I


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Random files - Charlie Driggs's Gallery
IMG_2741.JPG99 viewsCharlie Driggs
hollyshave2.jpglaying out the overall shape on the blank172 viewsUse of a toothed wheel to mark the outline on the blank, with some liberties taken on the shape as I wanted a bit more clearance for knuckles and a more comfortable shape based upon my experience with shaves.Charlie Driggs
Some_Previous_Galootaclaus_Gifts~0.jpgprior Galootaclaus gifts65 viewsCharlie Driggs
shave_horse_-_blk_locust_log_1.jpgA55 viewsfirst half of log partially split -- nearly an hour has gone byCharlie Driggs
P1010009.JPGZC45 viewsthings were a bit of a mess late last night, and would be cleaned up in the morningCharlie Driggs
IMG_2924.JPGBill Ghio demonstrates the safer way to use a gutter adze156 viewsCharlie Driggs
sawtill_no2a.JPGThe new sawtill (#2)236 viewsI might relocate the backsaws from sawtill #1 by adding a section in the lower half of this one, but right now, this is functional and I have other things to get done. Took an hour to build this one. The pivoting upper bar provides a place to label each saw in its slot and lock all of them in place against falling out. Space for 22 saws, leaving another dozen without a home so far.Charlie Driggs
Galootaclaus_2008.jpgGalootaclaus 2008 165 viewsCharlie Driggs

Last additions - Charlie Driggs's Gallery
IMG_2799.JPGGalootaclaus 2016 32 views11 items, two for chunks of Bodark and Mesquite from Texas, two for chisels needing a boatload of care, a bit holder also needing some help, a box of #7 slotted flat heads from Sweden of all places, dual sheave blocks, a mystery #593 Stanley hammer without faces, a NIB set of 6 Greenlee Irwin style bits, some acid brushes, and a tubular thing that apparently grows that way - never saw anything like this before, but I'm guessing that grew in Texas too. Quite an assortment.Charlie DriggsDec 28, 2016
IMG_2082.jpgMortise & Tenon - Slit the envelope, and all this slides out34 viewsPacked in pine hand plane shavings, plain brown wrapper with a string tie, and note to the person gazing upon this for the first time, complete with real wax sealCharlie DriggsFeb 27, 2016
IMG_2083.jpgCloseup of the "introduction" to Issue #1 Mortise & Tenon34 viewsWhy, it's even written in 18th century English! Remember that "f's" are often "s's" ..Charlie DriggsFeb 27, 2016
IMG_0715.JPGMoxon vise 39 viewsThis is build to drop into the dog holes along the east edge of the bench. With a 20" opening between the screws and a 6" capacity, it can handle most all drawer boxes I would likely work on as well as any dovetail joints.Charlie DriggsJan 31, 2016
IMG_5122.JPGsouth end of workbench37 viewsthe upper end of the two leg vises are visible in this shot. The advantage of being able to work from any side of this bench is particularly usable when making up panels for furniture, as being done in this shot.Charlie DriggsJan 31, 2016
IMG_6685.JPGdetail of the older leg vise screw mount35 viewsThis may look a bit rough to some, but it is definitely a cleaner installation than the way it was mounted on my grandfather's 80, 90 or more years main bench. This one works quite wel. With two leg vises on the south end mounted 'in plane', it is quite easy to hold short sections (3-5 ft) of lumber for sawing to a line, although the height isn't ideal. Also very useful for holding items when needing to run round tenons with one of the hollow augers.Charlie DriggsJan 31, 2016
IMG_1740.JPGbench -- looking from north to south, with general purpose bench37 viewsthe GP bench is on the right (grinders, etc); the neanderbuddy and occasionally used contractor size saw are both on rolling bases, which helps a great deal in this tight shop.Charlie DriggsJan 31, 2016
IMG_0799.JPGhold down storage along the west side of the bench37 viewsThe stretchers were a major stiffener of this bench, as until these were added it would rack a bit when planing large boards. Adding them created storage for items otherwise awkward to fit close at hand.Charlie DriggsJan 31, 2016

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