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Friday, 23 February 2018
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Search results - "chamfer"
top_view.jpgTop View20 viewsThis is looking down on what seems to be the top or show surface of this tool. The corners are rounded, and a decorative groove is worked along each edge the length of the tool. In this view, the spring arm assembly can be seen with the spring screwed to the side and anchored on the right end by a pivot screw. An unthreaded thumb peg is seen on the other end of the assembly. A steeply sloping chamfer is cut forming what appears to be the exit as it falls away from the edge of the blade.Sgt42RHR
blade_spring_arm_closeup.jpgSpring arm assembly closeup22 viewsSide 2 view shows a spring arm assembly anchored at one end with a wood screw. It is attached at is other end to one end of a metal bar through which passes a pivot screw and one end and a thumb peg at the other. The metal bar forms the bottom of the mouth with a double bevel blade forming the top of the mouth. By moving the thumb peg, the mouth bar pivots away from the cutting edge of the blade. The edge of the mouth bar that is closet to the blade's edge is chamfered the same length as the blade.Sgt42RHR
Bottom_of_ice-box.jpgBottom of ice box216 viewsBottom is 3/4" basswood, chamfered and floating in a groove right around all sides. Skids are 1/4" white oak.Sgt42RHR
19th_century_folding_side_chairs_back_view.jpgChamfering and carving make the 1/2 inch thick backsplat look thinner when viewed from the front.98 viewsSgt42RHR
right_rear.JPGRear View181 viewsThe back splat is 1/2 inch thick and chamfered on the back.Sgt42RHR
Thinchamfered_oak_skids_to_protect_the_leather_on_the_bottom.JPGThin chamfered oak skids to protect the leather on the bottom154 viewsYou can see the waves from the scrub plane on the bottom. The oak skids are about 3/8 inch thick and are affixed over the leather (which is already tacked down) with glue and nails.Sgt42RHR
Slenderized_Framesaw.JPGSlenderized Frame Saw201 viewsI went from 6.5 pounds to 3.5 pounds. The side arms are now only 7/8" thick and the far end stretcher is 1 1/8 with a reinforcer where the 1/2" bolt hole and redundant 1/4" grove for the saw blade are. I rechamfered all the newly cut edges with 1/2" wide chamfers to further lighten the tool and to make it easy to grasp.Sgt42RHR
Stanley_No__65_Chamfer_Shave_worked_like_a_charm.JPGStanley No. 65 chamfer shave worked great!91 viewsSgt42RHR
PICT1260.JPGThumb plane218 viewsThis shows a good view of the 'rolling' chamfer on the top edge of the sides. It starts square at the front, rolling to about 15 degrees at the peak and 30 degrees at the rear.gstucker
IMG_1036.JPGChip repair 1193 viewsWhile I had the top upside down on the scrounged table, I used its end dog hole along with a holdfast to hold the legs and stretchers while I mortised and planed them. When I flipped the top over to mount it on the finished base I saw there had been some chipping due to the lack of any countersinking or chamfering around the hole, so I needed to fix it...TRexF16
Stanley_No__65_Chamfer_Shave.JPGFull view-Stanley No. 65 Chamfer Shave152 viewsSgt42RHR
65_Shave_close1.JPGStanley 65 chamfer shave close up128 viewsSgt42RHR
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