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Friday, 19 January 2018
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Search results - "medallion"
Big_and_little_mitre_boxes.jpgLittle brother and big brother131 viewsA 12 inch Millers Falls mitrebox and a big Stanley mitrebox. Both with Disston saws each with 1896-1917 PHILADA medallions. Both saws came with their respective mitreboxes. Neither have been sharpened but both cut quickly and smoothly. I use both of these a lot. The little Millers Falls is just perfect for moulding and small bits.Sgt42RHR
big_and_little_Disston_mitre_box_saws.jpgDisston Mitrebox saws114 viewsBoth Disstons, both with 1896-1917 PHILADA medallions. One saw has a 16 inch blade and the other a 28 inch blade. Both cut smoothly and have not been sharpened by me. Both saws were present with their respective mitreboxes.Sgt42RHR
MF_mitre_box_and_saw~0.jpgMillers-Falls #16 1/2 mitre box and Disston saw139 viewsThe mitrebox is completely unmarked but appears to be identical to the Millers Falls #16 1/2 12" model. The saw with with the box when I got it and is a Disston with a 16 inch blade and a 1896-1917 PHILADA medallion. I've not sharpened the saw but it cuts smoothly so that little clean up is required.Sgt42RHR
big_and_little_Disston_mitre_box_saw_handles.jpgMitre box saw handles97 viewsThe smaller of the two is a Disston 16 inch saw blade with a 1896-1917 PHILADA medallion. The larger of the two is a Disston 28 inch saw blade, also with a 1896-1917 PHILADA medallion. The smaller saw is unmarked while the large saw has owner's initials stamped on the handle and the spine. Both saws came with the mitre boxes.Sgt42RHR
2013_2472ss.jpgZenith Z10069 viewsMedallion is wrong for this saw...Schwartz
Simonds_Medallion.JPGsimonds medallion44 viewsmedallion on small Simonds sawdlarue
pewter_medallions.jpgpewter medallions45 viewsI made a few batches of these, changing the mold a bit each time. Gets worse each time.
The pewter takes metal stamps quite well, so I guess it's time for some filing and decorating.
saws~0.jpgsaws40 viewsDisston 4 (I'm guessing) 1877-78 medallion, no name 16" panel saw, MF 10C drilldwittner
2012_8673s.jpgDisston D-12 H.K.Porter (Canada) medallion76 viewsSchwartz
2012_8625s.jpgAppearances to the contrary, the medallion isn't brass.65 viewsSchwartz
spearjackson_medallion.jpgmedallion146 viewsThe medallion has the Spear and Jackson logo in the center with "Spear&Jackson Sheffield" with the crown logo at its center. The outer ring of the medallion states "All saws branded Spear&Jackson are fully warranted" Then inside of that: "Spear&Jackson have an experience as saw makers extending over 160 years"Brentpmed
spearjackson_handle.jpgSaw handle110 views5 nuts, 4 domed and the huge medallion. The stamp on the handle appears to say "non-break handle" embossed into the wood. Because of the embossing I am assuming this is 20th century, Any one know about how to date this saw?Brentpmed
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