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Thursday, 21 September 2017
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1925MillersFallsmodel15.jpg1925 MF Langdon catalog page83 viewsNote the distinction between the model 15 1/2 and the model 16 1/2. I think I've got a model 16 1/2 since it does not have the slotted elevators.Sgt42RHR
MF_mitre_box.jpgMillers-Falls #16 1/2 mitre box133 viewsThis mitre box is completely unmarked as to maker or model but appears to be identical to the Millers Falls #16 1/2 12 inch mitre box. I added the cherry base for clamping to my workbench.Sgt42RHR
MF_mitre_box_and_saw~0.jpgMillers-Falls #16 1/2 mitre box and Disston saw134 viewsThe mitrebox is completely unmarked but appears to be identical to the Millers Falls #16 1/2 12" model. The saw with with the box when I got it and is a Disston with a 16 inch blade and a 1896-1917 PHILADA medallion. I've not sharpened the saw but it cuts smoothly so that little clean up is required.Sgt42RHR
Johnston_wood_stamp.jpgMy maker's mark stamps48 viewsI mark all my finished work and some of my wooden tools with two stamps. First, I use a small stamp with my last name in all 1/16" capitals. Next, my name is surmounted with a First Model Brown Bess musket Storekeeper's mark.Sgt42RHR
routers.jpgrouters38 viewshighlighted Preston style modelsbugbear
2012-01-14_16-56-37_513_crop_adj.jpgPrimed bird and bat houses32 viewsMy son built the bird and bat houses while working on his Webelos (Cub Scout) Craftsman activity badge. His block plane, model plane, clamps and eggbeater drill were used in making the houses. :)

I built 6 birdhouse and 5 bathouse kits for the Webelos. The Den meeting at which the houses were assembled featured a short show-and-tell session with a bunch of Galoot tools. :)
IMG_1450_(800x600).jpgFront view frog seat79 viewsSTANLEY is the only marking cast into the base. Arched rib frog reciever but lacks the little wider part right at the end by the mouth like the Type 13 5 1/4 sitting next to it. Rear of frog receiver shaped like post type 10, but not drilled for adjusting screw like some WW II modelsTRexF16
coat_rack1.jpg109 viewsHere is a short (2ft or so, .7m Jeff) section of coat rack that I made. Its modeled after the window sills in my house. The detail at the bottom and the cove molding was done with a rebate plane and scratch stocks.dhahn
Chest_-_inside_lid.JPG269 viewsWhat do you want to bet this was Mr. Specht's dream car - like so many craftsmen still have pics of in their toolboxes? I don't know what model it is. Anyone?TRexF16
038.JPGBridgeport Model 100 59 viewsBridgeport Model 100 corner braceOldSneelock
040.JPGBridgeport Model 10040 viewsBridgeport Model 100OldSneelock
028.JPGMillers Falls & unknown model of Millers falls brace.47 viewsMillers falls unknown model. Missing a pin for the clockwise ratchet pawl. Came with a nail instead of a pin.OldSneelock
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