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Monday, 20 November 2017
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Search results - "sharpening"
TOTT_Mar_2015_1.jpgHaul from Mar 2015 Tools Of The Trade sale26 views3 spools of linen thread, an oval turning skew, a couple of cold chisels, a paor of spokeshaves (Stanley #63 & 64), a boxwood handled Marples sash morticing chisel, a pair of odd flat-nosed piers, a 1mm carving gouge, a very large sawtooth Forstner bit, a center finder, a small sharpening stone, a bottle of Yankee fluted drill points, and a couple of levels.dlarue
finds.jpgGarage Sale finds, 10/1498 viewsfrom top to bottom:

* looks like a pair of tin snips, or side cutters for sheet metal, or ? a definite whatsit.
* a 3/8" drive thorsen ratchet handle
* a russell green river works sharpening steel destined to be a center punch, and
* a "Germany US Zone" ratcheting screwdriver with a solid blade.
dam_marking_knife.JPGDamascus Marking Knife35 viewsscrap of damascus steel (ebay)
tine from a shed antler
mix with some time, epoxy, drill, files, and sharpening gear, et voila!
pinkstone.jpgPink, hard sharpening stone169 viewsI picked this up at an estate sale, with the triangular stones. It's remarkably hard, and polishes very much like a hard arkansas stone. I don't know if it's natural (I've never seen this color before in nature) or man-made, but it puts a nice polished, sharp edge on steel.madwing
slotstones.jpgSlotted, triangular sharpening stones184 viewsI picked these up at an estate sale, along with a Pfeil 1/8e carving chisel. They're triangular in cross section, look like hard arkansas and black hard arkansas stones, and each has a v-shaped groove in one edge. They can be easily removed from this holder, and rotated so their flat edges can be worked.madwing
100_4850.JPGAxolite stone21 viewssmall white sharpening stone, quite fine.
still has most of the box, and name on the stone too.
DSCN1559_2.JPG1817 Sharpening Stone Box106 viewsThe maker of this box thought that 2-3/4" clearance off the bench would avoid knuckle dragging. He also dated the lid of the box.Ruby
DSCN1567_2.JPGSharpening Rock72 viewsIt turns out it is not a sharpening stone, it is a sharpening rock - at least 1/2 a rockRuby
haul_08242012.jpgFriday's Haul255 viewsHaul from local estate sale. Clockwise from upper left - Craftsman inside caliper/divider (7"), white/grey sharpening stone in holder, Simpson bastard file, Pike #1 Washita stone in box, Starrett inside caliper/divider (5"), Stanley socketed chisel, What's-it with horn handlejerkinsj
Charnley_Forest_whetstone.JPGCharnley Forest Whetstone56 viewsJeff Gorman picked this up in Charney Forest; when I cut it open there was a soft mineral inclusion. It still sharpens very well. I've used the piece on the right, darker because of mineral oil, while the piece on the left still needs flattening.Gary K
100_4071.JPGSpear & Jackson DT saw24 viewsNice little 10 inch S&J saw that I picked up at the Crosby Flea Market on July 9 2011. Couple of chips off the horns, in need of straightening and sharpening. Wish I had this a couple days earlier when I needed it...dlarue
P9120143b.jpgAnother closeup146 viewsBIG teeth. And notice that they vary in size. The eldest of the sawyers was sharpening these saws on site. I didn't think to watch him more closely while doing that. SomedayForge
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