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Monday, 22 January 2018
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IMG_5516.jpgStanley 48, label116 viewsDoes anyone know the dates various label types were pasted on boxes?madwing
TOTT_Mar_2015_4.jpgplane sole17 viewssole of a small plane type thing i picked up at the Mar 2015 TOTTdlarue
IMG_3443.jpgThe rest of the haul165 viewsFrom the estate of a patternmaker. A Type 13 3c, two low angle blocks, a bunch of files, some square shanked twist drills, and other cool stuff.madwing
sillworkmutt.jpgSill install - my type 1 workmutt130 viewsI scored this for a great price in early 2013 from craigslist, and it's perfect for this kind of work. Clamping for chiselling, sawing, and scraping, and it didn't let me down.madwing
Bent_chair.jpgThonet side chair85 viewsFrom Vienna Applied Arts Museum (Museum fur Angewandte Kunst - MAK). Partly laminated veneers, bent; walnut, veneered: cane
From room brochure, "One of the first pieces of seating furniture which Michael Thonet made by means of bent wood methods. Created whilst he was still in Boppard on the Rhine, it has laminated veneers bent in one direction. It is an attempt to produce a more economical version of the fashionable Biedermeier chair type."
dechiselside.jpgWhatsit95 viewsA double-ended chisel-type thingie, no clue what it is. Semi-cranked on both ends.madwing
dechiseltop.jpgWhatsit89 viewsA double-ended chisel-type thingie, no clue what it is. Semi-cranked on both ends. Has concave tips, like they are for smoothing round rods, or something.madwing
6c_sole.jpgtype 15 6C sole72 viewsThis plane looked a wreck when I found it. Covered in rust and the entire bed painted silver. After removing the silver paint, I found > 80% japanning underneath. An unexpected treat!Brentpmed
6_c_overall.jpgStanley type 15 6 C85 viewsThis was covered in silver paint and rust when I found it, turned out pretty nice. Brentpmed
IMG_2065.jpgFleabag Generosity265 viewsWe have a guy locally who teaches handtool woodworking to grade school kids. The school's tools are well past worn, and he put out a plea on Craigslist for "... any of these: clamps of different types (particularly smaller ones), block planes, braces for drilling, hand crank drills, drawknives, files and other shaping tools, and maybe a spokeshave or two. Other tools are always appreciated." The Fleabags responded with this.madwing
2012-08-11_13-50-05_216.jpgKK Compass plane vs. Type 11 #368 viewslonger iron on the compass plane but a shorter lever cap. nicknaylo
Barnard_plane_and_Whatsit.jpgBarnard Plane and Whatsit177 viewsThis plane is just marked BARNARD. Like another old plane in this album from the old Brown homeplace, it was carved with the initials W.E.T. In 1842, Robert Brown carved his initials over those of W.E.T.

The Whatsit pictured at the lower left is similar to another whatsit of the same type: a wooden conical shape with three grooves cut carefully in the surface.
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