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Galoot Glossary
Early American Industries Association. A tool collectors group
Earlywood (Springwood)
The first part of the tree's rings to form after winter hybernation. Earlywood is often characterized by larger cells and a lower density.
The narrowest surfaces of a board that are approximately parallel with the grain direction.
Edge guide
A straightedge that is used to guide tools, such as a circular saw or router, along a workpiece.
Edge joining
Smoothing and squaring the edge of a board so that it can be glued up squarely to another piece.
Edge-Grain Wood
A term applied to quarter-sawed wood, particularly softwood. (See quarter-sawn.)
Eggbeater Drill
A small hand drill with a crank handle and gear system that turns the bit. Some models have a hollow handle to store extra bits. A variation is the Breast Drill with a pad instead of a handle on top for the user to lay on and apply the weight of the upper torso to the drill.
A natural mineral used for coated abrasives. One of the harder natural abrasives.
End grain
A wood surface consisting of exposed cross-grain. End grain absorbs finishing material and glue to a greater degree than other wood surfaces because open-cell cavities are exposed at the surface.
The narrowest surfaces of a board that are approximately perpendicular with the grain direction
A two part glue that practically glues anything to anything, including metal to metal.
Equilibrium moisture content
Moisture content (m.c.) of a piece of wood after full adjustment to environmental humidity and temperature.
European Hinge
A hidden style hinge fastened to the door with a cup hole. Generally highly adjustable.
European Style Cabinets
Frameless cabinets which use a concealed hinge.
Exposed Hinges
Hinges that show on the outside of the cabinet. Hinges that are not concealed or hidden.
Inert ingredients added to paint to improve its working characteristics. Also called "suspenders" or "fillers."
Exterior Protective Stain
Stain specifically formulated to protect exterior wood as well as color it. No additional protective top coat is needed when this type of stain is used.
Compounds deposited in wood during the transition from sapwood to heartwood. Extractives give heartwood it's dark color, and sometimes impart decay and insect resistance

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