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Galoot Glossary
In My Humble (or Honest) Opinion
Included angle
The angle formed by the two facets of a cutting edge.
In woodworking, the rotation of a round or cylindrical object a specified number of degrees for the purpose of performing a given operation. This process is most frequently used when drilling holes around the circumference of a circular object in the drill press mode, but can also be applied to reeding or fluting operations on the lathe or routing system.
The direction a workpiece is fed into a blade or cutter.
Infill Plane
Hand plane consisting of metal frame with wooden infill. Prized for their beauty, feel, and fine quality.
A door that sits within the cabinet opening such that the front face of the door is flush with the front of the cabinet or face frame.
A type of deeply dished drawknife, used to sculpt the saddled section of Windsor chair seats. A variation of the inshave is called a scorp.
The blade of tools such as a plane or spokeshave.

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