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Galoot Glossary
Jack Plane
A plane 12 to 17 inches long that is used to remove saw marks from lumber and cut down high spots. (Stanley #5)
Janka Test
A hardness test, usually for wood flooring, rating is pounds of pressure required to press a steel ball .444 inches in diameter one half way into the wood.
Japan Colors
Colored pigments mixed with a vehicle that is compatible with either oil or lacquer-based products. It comes as a thick paste that must be thinned before mixing it with other products.
Japan Dryer
A mixture of driers and solvents that speeds up the drying process of oil-based products. Generally not recommended for addition to modern finishing products, but it is used when making your own stains.
Japanese Chisel (Oire Nomi)
Japanese chisels differ from western chisels in three respects. First, the blades tend to be shorter with longer tangs. Second, the blades are frequently dished on the back. Third, Japanese chisel blades are made of a composite steel, with a softer backing laminated to a harder edge.
Japanese-Style Saw (Noko Giri)
Any of a class of saws designed to cut on the pull stroke, as opposed to the push stroke as in a Western-Style Saw. The pulling action allows thinner metal to be used as the saw blade does not have to resist bending during the cut. See Azebiki, Dozuki and Ryoba.
A device used to make special cuts, guide a tool, or aid in woodworking operations.
Jig Saw
A jig saw is really a narrow blade supported at one end by a mechanism and at the other end by a quick-release attachment to a spring or an arm of some kind, but the use of "Jigsaw" for "Saber Saw" seems very common.
Joiner, Jointer
A machine to true the edges of boards usually in preparation for gluing.
The art of making joints.
Jointer Plane
A 22-36" long hand plane performing essentially the same function as an electric jointer. (Stanley #7 or #8)
1. Making an edge straight and square with the face of the board. (As opposed to joinery, the art of making joints. Using the word "join" describes attaching two boards with a joint) 2. Filing the tips of saw teeth to the same height.

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