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Galoot Glossary
Paste forming stone used in conjunction with polishing grade Japanese water stones.
A woodworker who uses predominantly hand tools. Originally used as an insult on rec.ww, since adopted as a badge of honor by the internet hand tool community.
A synthetic rubber that is especially resistant to chemicals and solvents. Recommended for use in protective gloves and clothing.
NGR Stain
Non-grain-raising stain. An aniline dye stain that uses solvents other than water to dissolve the dye. It won't raise the grain as water stain does.
A small bump often found on the back of a saw's tip. Debate rages about the actual reason for the nib's existence, with the following commonly offered as explanations: 1. Purely decorative 2. Used to hold an edge guard in place 3. Used for testing the temper of the steel 4. Used for starting cuts
No-Mortise Hinge
A style of hinge that can be mounted directed to the cabinet and the door without any mortises or special cuts being made into the wood surfaces.
Japanese chisels. Distinguished by laminated construction, short blades and long handles.
Nominal Size
The rough-sawn size of a piece of lumber. When purchasing planed lumber it is sold by its nominal, rough-sawn, size. For example a 2"x4" is the nominal size for a board whose actual dimension is 1.5" x 3.5".
Non-Clog Sandpaper
Sandpaper that has a special coating to keep material from sticking to the grit.
Non-piloted bit
A router bit without a guide bearing. (see piloted bit)
A power tool user. Named after Norm Abram from NYW
A synthetic plastic used to make brush filaments. Nylon brushes are particularly well suited for use with water based materials.
The New Yankee Workshop. Woodworking television show on PBS, featuring Norm Abram and his huge collection of $$$ power tools

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