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Galoot Glossary
Nickname of Patrick Olguin, former OldTools listowner. See GM.
A decorative molding profile with a S shape. See Cyma Recta.
Old Growth (Virgin Timber)
Old, naturally established trees often characterized by dense straight grain and a lack of knots and defects.
A substance that does not allow light to pass through it. In wood finishing, any finish that hides the underlying wood.
Open Coat
A piece of sandpaper with abrasive particles that are spread out to prevent clogging. See closed coat.
Open Ring Porous
This refers to hardwood that has rings that are concentrated in the annual rings in distinct planes. These include woods such as oak, ash, hickory, elm and chestnut and have distinctive rings of pore groups.
The appearance of wood with large, visible pores that must be filled with paste filler to achieve a smooth surface. There are two types of open-grained wood: ring-porous and diffuse-porous. Ring-porous woods like oak and ash have large pores at the beginning of each annual ring. Diffuse porous wood like Philippine mahogany (lauan) have large pores evenly distributed throughout the wood.
Orange Peel
An improperly sprayed surface with a texture that looks like the surface of an orange.
Orange Shellac
A refined grade of shellac that still retains some of the orange like brown color of raw shellac.
OldTools List Mom. Nickname for the list owners, responsible for the day-to-day operation of the list. See the Porch.
Out of Wind
The edges of a pair of parallel battens laid along the panel will be parallel, in other words, the surface is not twisted and will lay flat on a table.
The side of a power tool where the board exits. (see infeed)
Oven-dried weight
The weight of a piece of lumber that has been dried, under high temperatures, in an oven until it is devoid of all water.
A door which sit in front of the cabinet and covers or overlays a portion of the cabinet or face frame.
Small droplets of the material being applied with a spray gun that miss the intended area and land on another surface.
A rounded convex molding.
Ox Hair
Hair obtained from the ears of cattle. It is used alone to make striping and sign painters' brushes or blended with China bristle to make high-quality brushes.

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