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Galoot Glossary
Routing operations performed with the router mounted in an inverted position under the table of the routing system.
A layer of plywood or other manufactured board used as a base material under finished flooring. Underlayment is often used as a substrate to increase the strength and/or smoothness of the flooring.
Universal chuck
A type of bit brace chuck having two jaws that pivot from their mid-point. These can be used to hold bits with parallel sided shanks in addition to the traditional tapered square lug shank.
Universal Plane
Any plane that can be used with cutters of different sizes.
Universal Tinting Colors
Tinting colors that are compatible with oil- or water-based products. Their liquid consistency makes them easier to mix than the paste-type tinting colors. Even though they are called universal, they may not be compatible with some lacquers, epoxies, or catalyzed finishes. Check for compatibility before using with these products.
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, which publishes the text and drawings for all US patents on its web site.

RD Glossary by Run Digital