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Galoot Glossary
End Vice
Face vice mounted on the end of a bench, sometimes for the entire length of the bench. Double-screw models are popular to prevent racking of the vice face.
Face Vice
Vice set into a workbench front with a screw that runs through the center of the vice, limiting stock size.
Patternmaker's Vice
Metal vice that can be set at a variety of angles.
Shoulder Vice
Front mounted vice with L-shaped arm that holds the screw outside the vice face. Can hold and size stock but is limited in stock thickness. Some woodworkers do not trust the strength of the cantilever arm holding the screw.
Tail Vice
L-shaped vice mounted on the end of a bench. Generally has holes for bench dogs set into the top to hold long pieces of stock on top of the workbench.
V Tool or Parting Tool
A carving tool with a V shaped cutting edge. Used for outlining and decorative cuts.
A shop-made, V-shaped woodworking aid that is most commonly used to support dowel rods, pipe, tubing or other cylindrical-shaped objects during drilling on the drill press.
The lightness or darkness of a color. Adding white lightens a color's value, while adding black darkens its value.
A transparent finish made with natural or synthetic resins and oils. They harden by combining with oxygen and are more resistant to water and alcohol than shellac.
Varnish Stain
A colored varnish that stains and varnishes the surface in one step.
Vee Joint
Tongue and groove boards with their top corners beveled so when the two boards come together a V is formed.
Vegetable Stain
Stain that derives its color from natural plant dyes instead of chemical dyes or pigments.
The liquid part of a finish. It consists of the solvents, oils, and resins.
A deep gouge with a U shaped cutting edge. Usually #11 sweep.
Wood that has been cut into thin sheets and is glued to a Groundwork. Usually cut from fancy woods that would be expensive if used in solid form. Also for unstable woods such as burls and crotches that tend to split and crack when in solid form..
Veneer-core Plywood
Plywood made from three or more pieces of veneer glued up in alternating grain patterns.
Vertical-Grain Lumber
Another name for quarter-sawn lumber.
Device for clamping a workpiece. Numerous styles are available.
A general name for several synthetic resins including polyvinyl acetate, polyvinyl chloride, and polyvinyl butyral. The dry film of most vinyls is colorless, tasteless, odorless, nontoxic, abrasion resistant, chemical resistant, weather resistant and flexible.
Virgin Timber
See old growth
A measurement of the thickness of a liquid.

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