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Sunday 10th August 2008

Rained - no tool action  :o(

Saturday 9th August 2008

Went across to my local car boot sale at Needham Lake.  Was walking past a pitch when I spied a small wooden box with "Norris London" stamped on the lid.  On opening this I discovered a beautiful set of jewellers screwdrivers, each stamped "Norris London" and the number (1 through 6).  I asked the seller how much he wanted for them to which he replied that they were a good make and that he'd sell them (plus a small engineering gauge) to me for £10 (~$20 US).  These are really exquisite and probably date from the 1930's given that they are nickel plated (no nickel plating during WWII and Norris ceased to trade in 1946ish).   Noticed on a well known electonic auction site that the No. 6 screwdriver sold for £20.

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