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Much in the spirit of Galootdom, we'll undertake an effort to preserve the online presence of fellow Galoots who have passed on to whatever lies on the other side.  The links below lead to a copy of the original web sites.  They will open in new window. Please keep in mind that these are historical records. Things continue to evolve on the net that sometimes necessitate changes on our sites. These of course are no longer being maintained, only preserved in the such state as they were found when our friends passed on.  For those galoots who were members of the OldTools mailling list, the (Bio) will take you that link... anyone close enough to provide a brief bio on others, please pass that along to us.


Chuck Zitur  (Bio)

John Lederer   (Bio)

James Krenov

Jim Blower

Bob Nelson

Dave Harris

walter_h   |Registered |2009-11-09 17:58:44
I am curious to know, "what is an old tool". Is there an age
defination? I am curious to hear from self proclaimained experts.

Most Humble Servant,

Walt Henderson
Historical Cabinetmaker
Henderson &
Historical Cabinetmakers
Leesburg, Virginia 20176-4521
jesten   |SAdministrator |2009-11-16 15:24:18
avatar Walt -- sounds like would be good fodder to kick around on the list .. you still
follow? .. I think we're due for a topic change from single peen


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