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Okay, let's try something a  little new ... a new Oldtools member asked about an unusual machinist's chest .. oh, he'll get around to setting himself up an Image Central folder, but hey, until he does, the front page needed something new ... so, here's the pic and a bit of the message from Bob B.:


And from Bob's message:

Attached is a photo of the oak machinist tool chest. It has an Eagle lock & key. It's unusual because the box on top overhangs the front and sides. Any idea who made it? "

Go ahead and fire up a conversation on the list .. to reference the photo, just point folks to the front page here...



Hal B.   |Registered |2010-02-06 21:52:19
Looks like a Gerstner chest. They made and still make many stackable components.
Not sure the top was really made for the chest underneath. It may have been
modified by the owner. (Disclaimer: no interest in Gerstner chests, but I've
restored one or two :-))
Machinistchest  - Sipco     |Registered |2010-02-17 04:38:04
It`s a Sipco tool chest, which stands for Schartow Iron Products CO.
Rancin Wisconsin

The top till was added on. I can see that the lock is
the same. Here is a good look of the lower half. This auction has ended however
the listing is still avaiable to view.

Ebay Item #200413497631

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