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We've had a lot of new members lately! Are you a new (or old!) registered user who wants to post pictures?  Read on! 

1. Log in
2. Select Image Central from Main Menu

Stage 1 - need an album to put your pictures in

3. On the GIC screens, ignore the top set of menu items, choose Create/Order My Albums
4. Album manager will open, click New
5. New Album will appear above but don't go there just yet - below there is an input box that says "New Album"
6. Highlight it and type over it with the name for your new album
7. Click "Apply Modifications", then click OK on the pop up confirm dialog
8. System will create your album and tell you so
9. Click "Continue"

Stage 2 - putting pics in your album

10. Now in the top set of menu items, choose "Upload File"
11. File dialog will open, browse and choose up to 5 pics from your local drive, click Continue 

* special note about the files ... web browsers typically know about 3 flavors of image files .. GIF, JPG, and PNG.  For Windows users, this is taken for granted and your image software will put a file extension on ... ie, image.gif, image.jpg, image.png.  Mac users - you will probably need to name the files with the extension manually .... something called "image" is quite valid on the Mac, but a web browser won't know what to do with it, so when you save, tack on .gif, .jpg, or .png depending on what format you are saving.

12. File(s) will be uploaded .. another success dialog, click Continue
13. On next screen, select your album from the drop down, give a title and description
14. Click Continue
15. Another pop up, click OK

You did it!

It gets easier as you do more!!!

Only registered users can write comments!

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