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At least a few of you have taken notice of the images at the bottom of the screen. These are toolmakers who were featured back in the day when I was doing a monthly toolmaker feature on Wiktor's site.  Well... I hadn't looked at the numbers in a while but did a couple days ago and felt I should share them.

In the past 15 months (today is October 13th as I peck this out...), each of the logos has appeared roughly 78,000 times .. and each is averaging a click rate of a little under 2% ... the math wizards among us will quickly tally that to around 1500 visits to those web sites.  

So.. are you a toolmaker or related artisan with goods to sell? Would you like an extra hundred visits a month to your web site.  (and coming from pretty discerning folks, no less!!).  Fire off an email to Jim E #2 .. tell me what logo you want to display and where you want visitors to land  (doesn't have to be your home page). 

Oh, cost ... nope. Sorry. I'm too busy to keep track of anything else. I'm back in school, still coaching, teaching Junior Achievement, teaching catechism and well, trying to keep track of which zip code which kid needs to be in every night.  It just occurs to me that something good is going, it takes only a few seconds to set up and then it just runs itself.... so.. like the rest of Galoot Central, the service is free.  A few have asked over the years about the costs involved in keeping this whole thing up and running. Well, there are a few costs involved and they are largely covered by a few generous folks who visit the donation link every now and then. Like most of activities in my life that I find rewarding, it's the ones I don't make a living from that mean the most.  So.. jump on board.  There just isn't a downside to this beyond the two minutes it will take you to send me an email!   You can send to:  webmaster at galootcentral dot com  (well, fix the address before clicking send!)


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