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Cost of things being what they are, I had to make the painful (well, not painful, I just knew it was a ton of work and while I don't mind the work, finding the time to do it is akin to most of us finding shop time....) decision to migrate the entire Galoot Central empire over to a more modern hosting provider. I loved my old provider but was trapped in an outdated cost model .. funny they could only offer the really good deals to "new" customers .. the oldtimers just had to suck it up.

So... the site has been moved and there are probably a few little bits a pieces hiding in corners that still need tweaked. If you spot somthing that doesn't work, please jot me an email.  I had this and 2 more even larger ones to do this week. And one smaller one. At least that one went well!!

peace all,


Jim .. keeper of the house here...

PeterH  - Cheers, Bravo, Onya.   |Registered |2010-10-11 19:37:12
avatar Jim,

What can one say? Good on you.

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