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Saturday, 28 November 2015
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H & R Roker dividers


3 files, last one added on Sep 08, 2015

Millers Falls Langdon #16 1/2 mitrebox


6 files, last one added on Sep 11, 2015

My Makers stamp


1 files, last one added on Aug 19, 2015

Crib for Ali's Baby


3 files, last one added on Jul 19, 2015



6 files, last one added on May 26, 2015

Steve Towne Bagpipe Case


5 files, last one added on Apr 12, 2014

18th Century Folding Table


6 files, last one added on Apr 22, 2013

Stanley Sweetheart Belt Buckle


1 files, last one added on Dec 06, 2012

Pennsylvania Blanket Chest


7 files, last one added on Nov 11, 2012

Brown farm plane


15 files, last one added on Aug 02, 2012

Shaving Box Project


6 files, last one added on Jun 24, 2012

Progress so Far


2 files, last one added on Jun 07, 2012

Ice Box Project


7 files, last one added on Mar 25, 2012

18 Century folding cot


11 files, last one added on Mar 08, 2012

Re-comissioning a Stanley No. 46


6 files, last one added on Feb 23, 2012

18th Century Folding Side Chair


10 files, last one added on Jan 27, 2012

Moxon style vise


3 files, last one added on Oct 24, 2011

New Addition to Tool Wall


3 files, last one added on Jul 18, 2011

Mitre Jack and other rehab projects


4 files, last one added on Jul 14, 2011

Campaign Trunk Project


31 files, last one added on Jun 27, 2011

Folding Field Bedstead is Finished!!


12 files, last one added on Oct 08, 2011

18th Century flat-top trunk


8 files, last one added on Jul 29, 2010

18th Century Packing Crate


1 files, last one added on Dec 18, 2010

Workshop views


4 files, last one added on Aug 11, 2010

Tool Wall


7 files, last one added on Jul 16, 2010

Making a Box for Steven


6 files, last one added on Jul 01, 2010

Making a Folding Bed Fold


15 files, last one added on Apr 02, 2010

George Washington Folding Camp Bed


4 files, last one added on Apr 14, 2009

Tapering the Bed Posts


3 files, last one added on Mar 28, 2009

Sorby Plow Plane


4 files, last one added on Feb 25, 2010

Making a Frame Saw


14 files, last one added on Feb 04, 2010

Learning about Scrapers


4 files, last one added on Jan 07, 2010

Tester frame for folding field bedstead


2 files, last one added on Dec 22, 2009

Pad Saw


2 files, last one added on Nov 24, 2009

Champion No. 95 Post Drill Restored


2 files, last one added on Dec 06, 2007

18th Century Hatbox


1 files, last one added on Sep 20, 2009

Screened in porch is finished!!


4 files, last one added on Jul 20, 2009

Screwdriver till


1 files, last one added on Mar 29, 2009

My New Saw Till


1 files, last one added on Mar 02, 2009

Pantry Project


3 files, last one added on Jan 15, 2009

Reclaiming Old Tools


7 files, last one added on Dec 21, 2008

Ramped Shooting Board


I made a ramped shooting board from scrap cherry and restored and commissioned a Type 9 Stanley No. 6C to serve as a dedicated plane for this appliance.

4 files, last one added on Jun 30, 2008

Making a Marking Knife Handle


5 files, last one added on May 22, 2008

Restored Stanley 607 Bedrock


A couple of pics of a No. 7 Bedrock (Type 7A) that I recently restored.

4 files, last one added on May 01, 2008

Stanley No. 65 Chamfer Shave


2 files, last one added on Jun 18, 2008

Making a Tabernacle for St. George's Church


Brielfly illustrates the steps I took and tools I used to build a Tabernacle for St. George's new church building.

13 files, last one added on May 02, 2008

I Made a Fiddle


5 files, last one added on Jan 16, 2009

Octagonal Chisel Handles


12 files, last one added on Nov 02, 2007

Habersham Plantation Galoot


1 files, last one added on Dec 09, 2007

Herstmonceaux Castle Woodworking Tools


Photos of a carved staircase in Herstmonceux Castle showing wood working tools.

9 files, last one added on Oct 09, 2007

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Random files - Sgt42RHR's Gallery
Washingtons_folding_field_bedstead_by_Dick_Toone.jpgFolding field bedstead by Richard Toone276 viewsThis is an image of the bed I'm making, save the turned legs and posts. I am making almost the same bed, however as I don't own (or know how to use) a lathe, the legs on my interpretation of this bed are tapered square legs and the posts are tapered octagons. Other than that my bed and this bed are the same. This bed was made by Richard Toone who reproduces a lot of historical furniture and accessories. Sgt42RHR
Washington_Bed_Conservator_photo_of_partially_folded_bed[1].jpgHow the bed folds and unfolds307 viewsThe conservator sent me this photo which provides an excellent view of the relationship of the parts to the whole. Captured here in the midst of a fold/unfold you can see the necessary scissoring action of the side rails, the rounded stub tenons at the corners and in the middle of the side rails, and the folded legs and posts. My next challenge will be to cut the mortises in the center ends of the side rails. I can also see in this detail that the center side rail hinges are mortised into the side rails Sgt42RHR
blade_spring_arm_closeup.jpgSpring arm assembly closeup6 viewsSide 2 view shows a spring arm assembly anchored at one end with a wood screw. It is attached at is other end to one end of a metal bar through which passes a pivot screw and one end and a thumb peg at the other. The metal bar forms the bottom of the mouth with a double bevel blade forming the top of the mouth. By moving the thumb peg, the mouth bar pivots away from the cutting edge of the blade. The edge of the mouth bar that is closet to the blade's edge is chamfered the same length as the blade.Sgt42RHR
Round_trunk_and_flat_top_trunk.JPG239 viewsI just finished the round trunk. I made it to coordinate with the flat-top trunk I made last year. Sgt42RHR
Prepare_to_load_the_fiddle.JPGPrepare to load a fiddle244 viewsThe fiddle is in the vise and the poppets have been adjusted to hold the handle blank at its tightest and the wedges tightened. There is just enough give to slip the blank in.Sgt42RHR
Using_a_frame_saw_to_multiply_by_dividing.JPGUsing a frame saw to multiply by dividing170 viewsThe frame saw I built with walnut scraps from the folding bed project worked great! I gaged a pretty deep line around each board and sawed to the line. I was able to get 5/16" thick stuff after I planed the saw marks away.Sgt42RHR
Octagonal_chisel_handles_early_19th_century.jpgEarly 19th Century Octagonal Chisel Handles120 viewsIllustration is from an early 19th century Richard Timmins Catalogue, published in Rees, J. & M. (1997) Chtistopher Gabriel and the Tool Trade in 18th Century London. Mendham, NJ: Astragal Press.Sgt42RHR
Old_Leather_Tool--It_works!.JPGUsing a leather scallop stamp186 viewsThe 18th century trunk that I am making has a scalloped 3 - 4 oz. leather dust skirt around the trunk lid. I got this 7/8" scallop stamp from Tony Seo just for this purpose. It worked like a charm!Sgt42RHR

Last additions - Sgt42RHR's Gallery
1925MillersFallsmodel15.jpg1925 MF Langdon catalog page24 viewsNote the distinction between the model 15 1/2 and the model 16 1/2. I think I've got a model 16 1/2 since it does not have the slotted elevators.Sgt42RHRSep 11, 2015
3.jpgBetter image?70 viewsThis appears to be a better shot of the name stamp.
I have learned that is is H & R BOKER
Sgt42RHRSep 08, 2015
2.jpgH & R ROKER name stamp74 viewsI've used these dividers for several years and last night just happened to notice what appeared to be a letter stamp on one of the legs of the divider. After some careful scraping this was revealed H & R ROKER [CAST STEEL?] Does anyone know about this manufacturer?

I have just learned that it is H & R BOKER.
Sgt42RHRSep 08, 2015
4.jpgDividers stamped H & R ROKER(?) CAST STEEL68 viewsThese dividers were in a box of old tools from my Mother's family's farm in Virginia. Among the other tools were late 18th and early 19th century moulding planes marked H.O.A. Henry Osborne Ambrose was one of my Great great grandfathers and was a carpenter (?) in and around Petersburg, VA.Sgt42RHRSep 08, 2015
Big_and_little_mitre_boxes.jpgLittle brother and big brother83 viewsA 12 inch Millers Falls mitrebox and a big Stanley mitrebox. Both with Disston saws each with 1896-1917 PHILADA medallions. Both saws came with their respective mitreboxes. Neither have been sharpened but both cut quickly and smoothly. I use both of these a lot. The little Millers Falls is just perfect for moulding and small bits.Sgt42RHRSep 07, 2015
big_and_little_Disston_mitre_box_saws.jpgDisston Mitrebox saws74 viewsBoth Disstons, both with 1896-1917 PHILADA medallions. One saw has a 16 inch blade and the other a 28 inch blade. Both cut smoothly and have not been sharpened by me. Both saws were present with their respective mitreboxes.Sgt42RHRSep 07, 2015
MF_mitre_box.jpgMillers-Falls #16 1/2 mitre box93 viewsThis mitre box is completely unmarked as to maker or model but appears to be identical to the Millers Falls #16 1/2 12 inch mitre box. I added the cherry base for clamping to my workbench.Sgt42RHRSep 07, 2015
MF_mitre_box_and_saw~0.jpgMillers-Falls #16 1/2 mitre box and Disston saw98 viewsThe mitrebox is completely unmarked but appears to be identical to the Millers Falls #16 1/2 12" model. The saw with with the box when I got it and is a Disston with a 16 inch blade and a 1896-1917 PHILADA medallion. I've not sharpened the saw but it cuts smoothly so that little clean up is required.Sgt42RHRSep 07, 2015

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