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Thursday, 18 January 2018
Galoot Image Central - Folding Field Bedstead is Finished!!

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John_Johnston_-_his_tent1_-_Vincennes_2011.jpgVincennes May 2011182 viewsSgt42RHR
Folding_Field_Bed_in_situ-Fort_de_Chartres_2010.JPGFolding Field Bedstead & Tester Frame-Fort de Chartres, 2010250 viewsI just got the 10 x 10 x 7 tall wedge tent (A-Frame), just before I left. The bedstead fits well with tester frame, more room available without tester frame. If the head and foot posts are folded down the bed becomes a cot and can be placed side-to-side in the tent as well as front-to-back. The three leveling board make the whole arrangement rock steady. The bed is as comfortable as one would expect for a 36 inch wide cot with a matress on it. I slept like a log!Sgt42RHR
Folding_Field_Bedstead_in_Wedge_Tent.JPGFolding Field Bedstead with tester set up in wedge tent232 viewsThe tent is 10 x 10 x 7 high. I'll have a canvas floorcloth by next event.Sgt42RHR
Folding_field_bedstead-the_complete_package.JPG430 viewsThis is the complete package: the bedstead itself, headboard, two auxillary center legs, two ogee tester frames and six frame cross pieces. The bedstead itself weighs 50 pounds, not sure about the total weight yet, but less than I thought.Sgt42RHR
Folding_field_bedstead-parts_laid_out.JPGParts368 viewsThese are the bedstead frame, auxillary legs, headboard, ogee tester frame and cross pieces. The tester frame parts will go into a flat canvas bag that will fit between the head and foot rails of the bed when folded up.Sgt42RHR
Folding_field_bedstead-unfolded,_complete_and_ready_for_a_mattress.JPG18th Century Walnut Folding Field Bedstead485 viewsSide viewSgt42RHR
Folding_field_bedstead-set_up_end_view.JPG18th Century Folding Field Bedstead350 viewsHere is an end view of the bedstead with the tester frame on it. The bedstead is 36 inches wide, 74 inches long, and at the top of the ogee tester frame is 56 inches. To the top of the bed posts is 47 inches.Sgt42RHR
Linen_canvas_bed_foundation,_grommets,_and_leather_welting.JPG235 viewsLinen sail canvas is used for the bedstead foundation. Brass rings are sewn into the canvas for the 1/4" Manila hemp rope. The canvas edge strips are tacked into a rabbet cut into the top of the bed rails. Tooled black leather is then tacked over the folded edge of the canvas.Sgt42RHR
Wrought_iron_hinges_and_knuckle_joint_with_steel_bolt.JPG258 viewsThere are wrought iron hinges at each corner (and one in the center of each side rail). The side rails include tenons that fit into mortises cut into the head and foot frames. The tenons are shaped in a quarter round profile (like a door latch) to allow the joint to fold and unfold.Sgt42RHR
Leg_at_the_center_of_side_rail_has_two_pins_up_into_the_rail.JPG223 viewsAt the center of each side rail there is an auxillary leg that has two metal pins that pit up into the side rails.Sgt42RHR
Wrought_iron_hook_and_eye_keeps_the_legs_from_folding_up_when_in_use.JPG224 viewsThere are 4 sets of wrought iron hook and eyes that keep the legs from folding up when in use. The mortise and tenon joint visible in this photo is one of four that do not move, there are six other mortise and tenon joints that open and close as the bed folds.Sgt42RHR
Brass_pintles_anchor_the_ogee_tester_frame_and_the_frame_cross_pieces_at_each_end.JPG202 viewsThe tester frame can be used or not, but the head and foot cross pieces and pintles must be used to keep the bed posts from folding up.Sgt42RHR
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