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Friday, 19 January 2018
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Random files - User galleries
Sticks_7.jpgFishing stick58 viewsSam Peterson
358_4.JPGSaw in working position148 viewsDwight
burnisher_10-14-07_003.jpgBurnisher 10-14-07241 viewsAnother Galoot's posting of his new burnisher
prompted me to finally make a new burnisher to replace my Crown tool...6.7mm Stainless Steel
rod, Ebony handle with a brass airline fitting ferrul.
roy griggs
bman_combo3.jpgPatent dates58 viewscitydweller
Darley_07.jpgDarley_07103 viewsSandusky fore plane, Starrett calipers, SW #3, blades,#80 scraper, 2 user-made rounds, leather creases, MF chain drill in cosmolene, repaired #60 shave, saw wrest, graver, scribe, 7 PS&WchiselsBret Rochotte
IMG_3219.JPGgalootaclaus 201097 viewsfive interesting parts to this year's gift from Northampton, MassachusettsCharlie Driggs
first__screw_6-6-05_002.jpg1 1/2" x 6 TPI threads close-up396 views Cut in a commercial dowel and a piece of RedOakroy griggs
058~0.JPGShoe Last Stand47 viewsStand with a shoe last mounted on it.OldSneelock

Last additions - User galleries
Cabinet_front.jpgCabinet front closed120 viewsThe carcase and frame is all made from a single 40 year old air dried Appalachian black walnut board. The two panels are resawn and book matched from a single off cut of Indiana black walnut saved from the burn pile. The finish is four coals of 1-pound cut amber shellac, well rubbed out with 0000 steel wood after each coat. The whole is finished with a coat of Liberon brown paste wax. The knob is an ebony violin tuning peg. Closure is achieved by a rare earth magnet and a steel screw.Sgt42RHRJan 08, 2018
cabinet_open_empty.jpgCabinet open and empty105 viewsThis is the inside showing the poplar back and the reverse of the book matched front panels. The hangers are 1 1/2 inch Tremont cut finishing nails set in pre-drilled holes with a dab of CA glue.Sgt42RHRJan 08, 2018
Cabinet_open_full.jpgcabinet open full127 viewsHere are some of the reasons I built this cabinet which is attached to wall studs just over and to the side of the dresser.
Sgt42RHRJan 08, 2018
cabinet_oblique_view.jpgOblique view93 viewsThe cabinet is about 4 inches deep, with each side having about 1 3/4 inches depth on the inside. The knob is an ebony violin tuning peg.Sgt42RHRJan 08, 2018
GC_2017.jpgGalootaclaus 20173 viewsfrom Doc HolladaydlarueJan 04, 2018
Galootaclaus2017.jpgGalootaclaus 20175 viewsjerkinsjDec 27, 2017
Galootaclaus_2017.jpgGalootaclaus 201756 viewsSuch a thoughtful and bountiful gift box! Galootaclaus rocks!Sgt42RHRDec 27, 2017
gc2017.jpgGC 2017 Gifts51 viewsA hearty "thank you" to my gifter, Stuart Minuskin. Inside the flat rate box was a Chris Vesper chip-carving knife, a new headlamp, a pocket Stanley Tool reference book, a nicely turned pen, a calendar from Queensland for the shop, and a "The Tool Exchange" t-shirt. Merry Christmas, Stuart!madwingDec 26, 2017

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