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Galoot Glossary
A member of the OldTools list. Not to be confused with Neanderthal.
A natural mineral abrasive used as the cutting agent in coated abrasives. It is the most desirable of the natural abrasives for woodwork.
Gent's Saw, Gentlemen's Saw
A small back saw with fine teeth and a straight handle extending from the top of the back of the saw. Generally used for very fine joinery such as small tenons and dovetails.
Small hand tool for drilling holes before nailing.
The distance around a tree; the circumference.
Galoot In Training, generally refers to a Galoot's children.
A heavy-bodied stain used to give an antique look to gold leaf, bronze powder, and wood finishes. The process of applying a glaze. Also the process of spraying a darker stain around the edge of a panel, door, or drawer front
Public announcement of a new tool acquisition.
Finishes designated as gloss or high gloss dry to a smooth, shiny, reflective surface. The opposite of gloss is flat.
Glue Joint
A special interlocking grooved pattern that is used to join two pieces, edge to edge, securely
A large wooden splitting wedge, usually shop-made.
Galooteus Maximus-- former Oldtools listowner Patrick Olguin - a.k.a. Paddy O'Deen
Gnarly grain
Grain from hell, in other words intertwined wild grain likely to tear out in lumps when planed.
A flexible piece of wood used for clamping by bowing and wedging it between the ceiling and the stuff being clamped on the workbench.
Good One Side
Plywood with one side patched solid and sanded, the other side will be rough and have open knot holes.
Carving tool with a curved cutting edge. The most used category of carving tools.
The size, alignment, and color of wood fibers in a piece of lumber.
The process of applying a finish that looks like grained wood.
Graining Comb
A tool used to simulate the straight parallel grain typical of quarter-sawed wood. It has many closely spaced teeth similar to a hair comb.
Graining Stain
A heavy-bodied stain used in wood graining. Several types of stains are used but they all are thick and resist flowing once it has been applied.
Green Lumber
Freshly cut lumber that has not had time to dry.
Green woodworking
An approach to woodworking that takes advantage of the structural qualities of freshly felled wood. These include: use of rived (split) parts with little grain run out, easy cutting with hand tools, and superior bending characteristics. Green worked wood is dried to appropriate moisture content before assembly of structural members, such as chair parts.
The coarse wearing away of a softer material by the abrasive actions of a harder material.
A measure of the size of abrasive particles used in the manufacturing of sandpaper. Grit can also be measured as the number of particles in an square inch of sandpaper surface.
A square bottomed U shaped recess made along the length of a board. Can accept another board or a Tongue of a board. When it is made across the grain of the wood it is a Dado.
Ground Coat
The base coat for graining. The ground coat is colored to match the lightest color in the wood that is being imitated.
The framework on which other work is done especially the application of Veneer. This should be flat and stable.
Growth ring (annual ring)
A layer of wood cells added to a tree trunk or stem during one growing season.
Guide Pin
In overarm or pin routing, the center pin that protrudes up from the surface of the machine table and is used to guide a duplicating fixture through its cuts.
The spaces between the points of the teeth on a saw blade to temporary hold material cut by the blade until the tooth clears the stock.
Gum Pocket
An excessive local accumulation of resin or gum in the wood.
Gutter Plane
A plane with a convex sole and iron that can be used to make large architectural moldings such as the cove molding.

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